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වේලි ආරක්ෂණ හා ජල සම්පත් සැලසුම්කරණ ව්‍යපෘතියේ කොටස්කරුවන්

DSWRPP has the well defined project management modalities to implement the project in integrated manner. Major Stakeholders in the water sector and related sectors are actively involved in the implementation process of the project with shared responsibilities.

Project has identified 32 high risk dams across the country to be revamped. The responsibility of rehabilitation works of each dam will be undertaken by the dam owning institutions which are currently operating and maintaining the dams. Accordingly, the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka, Department of Irrigation, Ceylon Electricity Board and National Water Supply & Drainage Board engaged with the rehabilitation activities of 32 dams and also involved in provision of basic safety facilities for 80 dams including 32 dams selected for the rehabilitation works.

The Department of Meteorology and Disaster Management Centre are also joined-hands with the project in the implementation process as active stakeholders of the project.

Department of Meteorology is assisting to develop Hydro-meteorological Information Management System (HMIS) by making available of the information for the system. The ongoing JICA project funds would help them to develop their own capacity and handling skills of modern equipment and software to scrutinize the information.

Since project is addressing risk factors towards downstream lives and properties due to dams and related structures and also involved with rehabilitation of high risk dams, Disaster Management Center (DMC) of Sri Lanka is eventually an important stakeholder of the project. DMC will link with the HMIS to improve flood forecasting and public hazards mitigation capacities of the Implementing Agencies.

DMC is mandated to safeguard the public from natural disasters. Its 10 year road map covers the dam safety related issues which pave the way to develop protocols and safety measures for each dams rehabilitated under the project.

After completion of rehabilitation work of critical dams, the risk minimized 32 dams will be a one of the outcomes which create public safety of the downstream lives of the dams.

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