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Project Components


DSWRP project comprises 4 major components. The fund allocation for each component as follows

  • Dam Safety and Operational Efficiency Improvement.
  • Hydro-meteorological Information System Improvement.
  • Multi- sectoral Water Resources Planning.
  • Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Dam Safety and Operational Efficiency Improvement

This component would enhance public safety of 32 selected high risk large dams, improve operational Efficiency of 80 dams (including the 32 dams), and establish sustainable institutional arrangements for dam safety management and O&M. The subcomponents would include:

  1. Remedial works for 32 high-risk dams.
  2. Provision of basic safety facilities for 80 large dams.
  3. Implementation support for subcomponents (i) and (ii).
  4. Training for strengthening dam-owning organizations; and.
  5. Studies and supply of specialized equipment.

This component also includes provisions to implement Livelihood Assistance Plan (LSA) to provide coping assistance to the communities affected by water flow interruptions likely to occur in about 9-10 out of the 32 dams under subcomponent

Hydro-meteorological Information System Improvement

This component would enhance institutional capacity and physical and analytical infrastructure for Monitoring hydro-meteorological data, detecting and forecasting water hazards, and water resources Planning and management. The subcomponents would include:

  1. Establishment and upgrading of 50 Hydrometric stations;
  2. Establishment of a database at the Irrigation Department (ID);
  3. Improvement of the analytical capacity of the ID;
  4. Flood protection procedures, tools and training for analysis of Flood inflows to major reservoirs.
  5. Establishment of a groundwater monitoring system; and
  6. Implementation support.

Multi- sectoral Water Resources Planning

This component would improve institutional capacity for integrated and multi-sectoral water resources Planning and assist in selection and prioritization of water resources development investments. The Subcomponents include:

  1. Preparation of a National Water Use Plan;
  2. Updating the Mahaweli Water Resources Development Plan;
  3. Preparation of a Water Resources Development Plan for Mundeni Aru River Basin; and
  4. Prepare feasibility studies of priority developments identified by subcomponents (ii) and (iii).

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Management

Project Management and monitoring is undertaken by the Project Management Unit (PMU) established under the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Agrarian Services. PMU is a coordinating and facilitating unit which facilitates the project implementation through four Implementing Agencies namely Department of Irrigation, Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority, Ceylon Electricity Board and National Water Supply & Drainage Board.

Overall project implementation process and policy issues are overviewed by National Project Oversight Committee (NPOC) and Project Steering Committee (PSC). NPOC is chaired by Secretary, Ministry of Finance and would provide policy oversight and guidance and resolve inter agency conflicts and issues. NPOC is met every four months periods and review project implementation progress, approve bi-annual work plans, project budgets, resolve inter ministerial issues and provide overall policy and strategic guidance for project implementation.

Project steering committee is co-chaired by the Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Development and Agrarian Services and Secretary, Ministry of Irrigation and Water Management. PSC meets once in two months periods and review monthly progress of project implementation plan, resolve issues related to coordinating of implementing agencies for implementation of project activities and making recommendations to the NPOC.

Project Monitoring

In order to ensure project implementation is done in accordance to the project plan and also to assess whether project is on track to reach targets, Monitoring and Evaluation is undertaken by PMU together with Implementing Agencies.