List of Dams Kanthale Reservoir Identified Major rehabilitations by    
Catchment 487.50 km2
Length of Dam 3690 m
Height of Dam 18 m.
Capacity 135 mcm
Year of construction:
Maintained by:

This ancient irrigation construction situated at Trincomalee District. According to the chronicles the Kanthale tank is also named as “Gangathala Vapi”. It was built by King Agbo the II (608-618) and rehabilitated and further developed by King Parakramabahu (1153 - 1186) the Great.
There is rich folklore on Kantale Wewa including tales in Tamil. The Dutch who controlled the coasts of Sri Lanka lent their attention to Kanthale Wewa. There are reports from the Dutch Period which show the rehabilitation work carried out by them. The British Governor Sir William Gregory also had commissioned reconstruction work at Kanthale Wewa.
Kanthale Tank bund was breached on 26th April 1986. It was a major challenge to the Irrigation Department which it faced successfully by restoring the bund within a short period of time. It was a disaster which emphasizes the importance of the Dam Safety.


  * Renovation of rip rap
* Strengthening of dam
* Establishment of bathing steps
* Removal of unnecessary trees from dam
* Placing of Gabion wall
* Establishment of tor filter & tor drain
* Establishment of drainage system on dam
* Construction of access road for inspection
* Repairing of sluices
* Repairing of office building for maintenance
* Repairing of gate
  Renovation of Kanthale Reservoir
is Progressing Under DSWRPP
  Steps passing over rehabilitation process
  Environmental Assessment and EMP were cleared by both World Bank and CEA
  Awareness programmes were conducted at district level to aware stakeholders on rehabilitation programme
  Dam Construction Monitoring Committee was established to monitor entire rehabilitation process
  Detail design for civil works was developed by ID and reviewed by DSRP for implementation
  Final conceptual designs for the dam was submitted by Implementation Support Consultant on 23rd March 2010
  Maximising the opportunity of the prevailed drought during latter part of 2009, installation of emergency gates to RB Sluice of the dam was completed. This was undertaken by Government Factory.
  Inspection boat, Pickup, Digital camera, Bush cutter, Tirfort wincher, Chain saw, Desktop computer and software, printer, Multimedia Projector, generator, backhoe loader, inspection boat and safety jackets and  mobile pickup were provided to dam office to improve the O&M and capacity to ensure safety of the Dam.
  Remedial work contract worth of Rs 118.85 million was awarded to M/S Orient Construction Co. (Pvt) Ltd. on 17th Sept 2010 and contractor mobilized work 1st Oct, 2010.
  Dam construction Monitoring (Oversight) Committee was established and held a several meetings to monitor entire rehabilitation process
  EMP has been implemented by contractor and monitoring by PMU
  Contractor completed 10% physical progress and 2.19% financial progress as of 30th April 2011
  Contractor has completed 100% security and insurance, 100% clearing work, 50% contractor facility,  57% toe drain and access road,
Ongoing Rehabilitation Activities (visuals)        


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