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Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka (MASL)


Contribution of Mahaweli Authority in Impelementation of DSWRPP

Implementation of rehabilitation programme in 11 high risk dams owned by MASL is being done through regional offices. Inspection of dams and peripheral structures, preparation designs, cost estimates and tender documents are being jointly done by staffs of MASL and International Implementation Support Consultants. Monitoring of civil and electromechanical works of 11 dams and provision of basic safety facilities in 14 dams, development of upgraded Mahaweli plan and Mundeni-Aru plans are being monitored by MASL along with PMU and other partner agencies.

11 dams to be renovated under MASL

Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka (MASL)

The Mahaweli Ganga Development Progrmme is the largest integrated rural development multi-purpose programme ever undertaken in Sri Lanka. Most of the reservoirs and dams in Mahweli areas are overviewed by the MASL.


The overall MASL Vision is “Harnessed Rivers, well-managed basins moved from agrarian to prosperous society and promoted economic development” The vision of the transition MASL is“prosperous society and healthy eco system in the Mahaweli region”


The primary task of MASL has been and remains ”the improvement of human life in the Mahaweli impacted areas”.

Mahaweli Development Programme

The Mahaweli Ganga Development Progrmme, the largest integrated rural development multi-purpose programme ever undertaken in Sri lanka, was based on water resources of Mahaweli and allied six river basins. Main objectives were to increase agricultural production, Hydro-power generation, employment opportunities, and ,settlement of landless poor and flood control. The programme originally planned for the implementation over a 35-year period was brought to acceleration in 1979,with incorporation of Mahaweli Authority.


No 500, T.B.Jayath Mawatha Colombo 10
Telephone - 011-2687491-5
Fax - 011-2687240
Web - www.mahaweli.gov.lk


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